Bahar Bozacı is a great admirer of nature especially flowers, trees and animals, lover of ecological products. She is an instructor, author and textile artist. She created her own ecoprint technique on leather, ceramic, stone, shells, paper and fabrics. She started ecoprint on leather current especially with flowers and leaves in the world.

She called ‘Floral Ecoprinting’ her technique which contains big gerbera flowers and colorful flowers aswell. Lots of people started to ecoprint on leather with flowers in different places of the world with her technique.

She studied at fine art univercity on textile design and printing techniques.

After working in the textile industry for many years and witnessing the

hazards of the chemicals utilized in textile production to the human health and the environment.

The Ecoprint process is a natural option against industrial prints. The designs you will make on fabric with the leaves and flowers you collectaround, will always be unique. With ecoprinting method, it is possible topermanently transfer the pigment in the plants and the shapes of theseplants onto the fabric.

She tells about her journey to becoming an ecoprinter:

‘Infact plants write their own stories, If we listen and see… It will be fascinating to hear the sound of plants singing on the fabrics and to be able to create quiet but colorful music with plants and see real magic appear right in front of your eyes.It constantly amazes me what richness and excitement ecoprinting brings. I love bringing the garden on to the fabric, leather, ceramic, paper and smelling them in my mind’.

She taught master classes in Europe, Ecoprint on leather,fabric and ceramic. She had also one – on – one private online classes. For years hundreds of people from all over the world have learned how to eco print with flowersand leaves on to the fabric, leather, ceramic, paper and natural dyes in her online workshop.

She had online classes with , Canada, Usa, Brasil, Chile, Spain, Canary Islands, Italy, France, Germany, Turkey, Holland, Denmark, Costa Rica, Russia, Scotland, Indonesia, Taiwan, India, Mexico, Borneo Island, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Belgium, Australia, Iran, Romania,Portugal,Norway,Tasmania…

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